The Construction Carpentry Technology program will prepare students for a meaningful career in residential and commercial construction. Program completion may lead to placement in an apprenticeship program and/or admission to a postsecondary program. Students will have the opportunity to train at construction sites through work-based learning and student projects. Current and traditional building practices, which meet industry standards, include energy efficient construction, health and safety at the workplace, and maintenance of existing structures.

Students will learn the safe and proper use of tools, equipment, and techniques used in the construction industry. Formative and summative assessments will be used to determine student proficiency in hand and power tool operation. Instruction will include proper procedures for constructing residential and commercial projects. Students will complete hands-on projects starting from construction prints to completion.

For more information, visit the Kentucky Department of Education's website,
or contact Mr. Eddie Durr via email at eddie.durr@mercer.kyschools.us.